Just Memories

by 501 Machine

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Experimental Rock/Metal.


released April 23, 2016

Produced, mixed and mastered by Chicho Parra.



all rights reserved


The God Studios Guadalajara, Mexico

Sharing all music from the different projects Chicho's working on.
Thrash, Pornogore, Melodic Death, Rock, etc.

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Track Name: Calm

So, you want me to talk about him?
What can i say? That man was like a brother to me.
He was the best man in the world.
His wife was a bitch and his sons were... well, they just hated him without reason, just because he wasn't rich.
He sometimes called me at midnight. He sounded happy, just tellin me "Hey man, can i go to your place this saturday to hang out? It's been a while", but i knew the truth... he had a big melancholy. I mean, i miss good times too, but he was the kind of guy who wold give anything to go back in time. When he came to my place to hang out, he always stayed to sleep over.
I remember this time when we went to sleep early (i had to work the next day). I waked up to pee and he was looking at the window, with tears in his eyes. He was the best man i've ever known, but, i guess not everyone thought the same. It's a shame...
Track Name: Midnight Melancholy
Track Name: Sorrow

He had a lot of people with him, but he only had one friend. That's what he said to me, a lot of times.
Such a good man, with only one friend. What a waste.
He always felt alone, and i couldn't blame him, i mean, his wife was a bitch with him because he worked a lot and his sons were a bunch of angry teenagers who only wanted money and good stuff, like their friends.
I can't blame him for what he did... i mean, probably i would have done the same... but... man... miss him so much...
Track Name: Loneliness
So here i'm
Sitting in the dark
Feeling the loneliness
But i'm not afraid
Oh, no again...

And every time
I think of me
I feel the pain
That pain again...
Everything is black
I can't feel the joy again
I can't go back
I'm stuck in time

I've cried a thousand times
And i feel dead inside
I prayed to the stars
To put me aside... of this pain

I have nothing else
But this loneliness
It has become my friend
So i embrace it to the end
The loneliness...
Track Name: Walking In The Dark

I remember that one time he called me at 2am. I was shocked, i thought something happened to him. He just told me: "Hey man, i'm going to your place right now, do you need something from the super market? I'm going on foot so, i can buy anything you need".
Instantly, i knew what happened. His bitchy wife again. They had a fight but, like always, he lost on purpose, and he even left the car so she could drive the boys to school the next day (his wife's car was being repaired).
When he arrived to my place he told me: "I'm so sorry, i didn't have anywhere to go". I told him: "You know your brother's house is always open".
And I could see it in his eyes, that pain... no, pain is not too much, but... i don't know a better word to describe his pain...
Track Name: The Hollow Man
You worked hard
Every single day
To give security
To your family
Asking for nothing
Giving everything

You fed them
You clothed them
Sent them to the school
But no one cares
You are...
... Just a man

Your childs hate you
And your wife is tired now
But you still there
Working hard

The day you died
Your sons were there for you
What a big lie!
They wanted the money you had

You lived your life
Exactly like everyone else
You had your friends
But no one remember you now

Only your wife
is missing you now
Your sons
Still hating you all
You always were
A hollow man... (x5)
Track Name: Last Memory

He called me that night. He told me: "I'm sorry. Goodbye"...
I'm the one who is sorry. I couldn't help him! He was like my big brother and i couldn't help him!
All you had to do was get a divorce and start a new life, why would you do that? I loved you, you were my best friend, and you killed youself because your life wasn't good enought? Come on! I could have helped you, a fucking psychologist would have help you, but you...
Now, the only thing i have is a bunch of good memories... and i just keep replaying your last voice mail...
¿Can we stop here?...